Spikeball is one of the most popular new sports. The game is simple and offers fun and fast-paced action. You play in teams of two and the ball needs to be hit into the net in between players.


Spikeball is played two against two, with a round net placed between the teams as a playing field. A player starts the game by serving the ball online so that it bounces up to an opponent. The server should be hit so hard that it bounces at least 1.5 m from the playing field. The other team now has three strokes in between the players (as in volleyball) to gain control of the ball, pass and bounce it back into the net. When one team misses, the other team gets points.

The ball can hit the net anyway, but you must not hit the frame.

When hitting the serve, all players except the receiver of the serve must be at least 1.5 m from the net. As soon as the serve is done, everyone is free to move.

Each time the ball touches the net, the turn changes which team has the ball in play between them. Each team may touch the ball three times per turn. The ball must be hit with one hand and must not be caught, thrown, or hit with two hands. All other body parts may be used to hit the ball. All unexpected bounces that do not touch the frame are allowed.

Spikeball is first played to 11, 15, or 21 points. Matches must be won by at least two points.

Points are awarded when:
• The ball hits the ground or is not returned after 3 passes/touches
• The ball hits the frame
• The ball bounces twice in a row online
• Double touch by a player

The team that won the previous ball serves, and each player in the team serves every other time. All players except the receiver of the serve must be 1.5 m from the net. The receiver may be placed at any distance from the net. The server should go diagonally across the network to the recipient, the only person allowed to return the server. Serving players must throw the ball at least 10 cm into the air. If the ball has been thrown, it counts as a serve regardless of whether the serving player misses. If serving players commit double errors, points are given to the receiving team and the server goes over.

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