Piffl is the missing link between cities' activity areas and the people around them

Benefits for the city

A sustainable city

Core concept

Instead of 5000 inhabitants owning a volleyball each around the local public volleyball court, one single volleyball could be shared by everyone.

Inspire sharing

Piffl inspires sharing economies where we can reduce disposable consumption and create prospering and sustainable cities together.

En rosa aktivitetsbox vid beachplaner i Jönköping
En aktivitetsbox från Piffl vid skateparken i Höganäs

An equal city

Easier access

Democratized access to activities and sports equipment gives all people access to active leisure time regardless of prerequisites.

Activities where you are

Piffl enables activity and sport in the local environment for everyone, no matter if you are a resident or a visitor.

Wide range of activities

The piffl box is filled with several activities to meet different needs and interests.

A smart city

Activity map

By mapping cities' activity areas and making them visible in the Piffl app, we give easier access to attractive outdoor environments that contribute to the joy of physical movement.

Data & insights

Piffl provides cities with valuable insights to plan new activity areas based on real data.

En hand som visar en app där man kan se vilka aktiviteter som finns i en rosa box
Fyra personer spelar spikeball i parken

A social city

Meet & play

Our sharing platform inspires people to try new activities and spontaneously engage with others.

The missing link

Access to activities and sports equipment in urban activity areas strengthens the bond between individuals and society.

Increased creativity and health

It's been said that you can understand more about a person after an hour of play than a year of conversation. We want to inspire people to play and exercise. Play is not only an expression of joy but also an engine for creativity.

Take Piffl to your city

To provide the best conditions for launching Piffl in your city, we analyze your needs and intended areas to develop a plan for placement and activities.

We contribute to a healthier society with Piffl🤸🏽‍♀️


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Contact Us

Support: +46 10 204 00 66
Information: +46 10 204 00 65
Email: info@piffl.se

Vera Sandbergs Allé 5B
411 33  Göteborg

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