Rounders/Brännboll is a Swedish bat-and-ball game. The name is pronounced “brennboll” and literally means “burn-ball” because the term for being “out” in Nordic countries literally translates as “burnt”.


A game of Brännboll is played between two teams that take turns being infield and outfield teams. The one who hits the ball (the batsman) usually gets three chances to hit before it is the next player’s turn.

If an infield player is in the middle of two cones, when the away team has managed to get the ball to its burner, who steps on the hotplate and shouts burnt, that infield player is burned. Burned players must go back to the last passed cone, and the away team gets points. If all infield players are “burnt out,” the away team receives extra points in addition to any burnt players.

The infield team gets points for each participant who has moved around the track and back into the line. If the whole lap is done on your own, the so-called free lap, it gives more points than just getting into the line.

In addition to burning, the outfield team can score points by catching the knocked-out ball before it touches the ground, a catch. In most rules, there’s a points difference between the one-handed and two-handed catch.

Playing time: 2x12 minutes

1p for incoming players
6p for rotation
1p for burning before the second cone (see picture)
1p for a two-handed catch
3p for a one-handed catch
5p for burning out the infield team + points for any burned players

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