Ett mölkky spel


Mölkky, the Finnish success game, is just as fun to play with grandpa as with your little cousin. You win by being the first to collect 50 points. But be careful! If you accidentally collect more than 50 points there will be consequences…


Place the pins in a formation (see picture), 3-4 meters away from the throwing line. Cats lots to set the turn-taking, and those will remain the whole game.


The first player to reach exactly 50 points, wins the game. A player that exceeds the score of 50, drops back to 25 points. If a player knocks over only one pin, he/she scores the number of points that are marked on the respective pin. If a player knocks over two or more pins, he/she scores the number of pins that were knocked over. 

If a pin is leaning against another pin it is not counted as knocked down. When pins are knocked down, they are stood up again exactly where they landed. 

A player who misses all of the target pins three times in a row is eliminated.

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