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Kubb, just the word makes one think of midsummer, hot summer evenings, and the phrase “we never use those rules!”. To avoid the hassle, we’ve compiled the official World Cup rules here.


Place five blocks in a row, on each side of the king, which is placed in the middle of the court.

The first team to throw is provided with all throwing sticks. The throwing sticks may only be thrown with an underhand throw and the stick along the throwing direction. The team takes turns trying to throw down the opposing team’s blocks.

Impacted blocks are thrown over to the half of the field after the end of the opponent’s round. If the block does not stay within the opponent’s half of the field on two attempts, the opposing team may set up the block in any place on its own half of the field. The cubes that are thrown over are set up correctly. The blocks that are set up within the opponent’s half of the field are called field blocks.

The team that threw over their knocked-down blocks is now starting to throw their throwing sticks. The field blocks must be knocked down before those on the baseline. When all the throwing sticks have been thrown, the turn goes over again.

If field blocks remain standing through a round, the players who have the field blocks left on their half of the field may move their baseline to this block instead and attack their opponents’ block from there.

The team that first drops all the blocks on its opponent’s half of the field may throw at the king. Throwing at the king always takes place from the baseline. If the king is missed and the team has no sticks left, the game continues until some team has succeeded in overthrowing the king.

If the king were to be knocked down before the opposing team’s blocks were dropped, the game was lost, and the winnings went to the opponents.

(NOTE: the official rules do not require the throw against the king to be made from behind between the player’s own legs)

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