Ett yatzy

Giant Yatzy

Giant Yatzy is just as it sounds a much larger version of the classic game of dice. Get the right number of combinations to collect as many points as possible, most points win!


In the game, 5 dice are used to collect as many points as possible. Everyone rolls a dice and the one who gets the highest number gets to start. You roll all 5 dice at once and are allowed to repeat this a maximum of 3 times during each turn. After each roll, the player decides which of the dice he wants to save and which ones to turn over.

After each turn, the player must enter his score somewhere on the yatzy playing field. If you fail, you have to delete something from the playing field, dash = zero points. You do not have to follow the game plan from top to bottom, but you can enter your stroke in any box.

The game board is divided into two parts. On the top part, it is important to collect as many dice of each number as possible to achieve the bonus. The bonus is awarded if the total points on the top part exceed 63 points.

The game is over when all players have written something in all the boxes. Then the points are added up and the player with the most points wins.

 The upper part of the game board, ones-sixes: Here it is important to collect as many of the same variety as possible. To achieve the bonus, you need to get at least three of each, ie 63p. If you get 63p or more you get a bonus of 50p.

Pair: Two dice of the same kind.
Two Pairs: As a pair + another pair.
3 of a kind: Three dice of the same kind.
4 of a kind: Four dice of the same kind.
Full house: Three of a kind + pair.
SM Straight: Get the dice sequence 1-5.
LG Straight: Get the dice sequence 2-6.
Chance: If you fail to set up your stroke elsewhere on the board, you can use the chance. The sum of your dice is entered in the chance box.

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