Croquet, is a true summer favorite! Prepare the court, a freshly mowed lawn is preferred and hit your ball through the ten hoops in the correct order. Then, chase your opponents and knock them before returning to the finishing stake.


2-6 people can play croquet. The player must hit the ball through a court with ten hoops along a given route to win. First in goal wins.

Place two arches in the middle of the path that forms the so-called crown/church.

Mark out the court with a stick in each corner; a croquet court is usually14x24 meters. Place one of the stakes where the match starts and ends and the opposite side where the game turns back. 

Participants play by the color order displayed on the starting stake. The first player places the ball at a distance of one foot and tries to hit the ball through the first and second arches. Should the player miss the first arc, they must pick up his ball and try again the next time it’s their turn.

Each time the ball passes a hoop, the player receives an extra stroke per passed hoop. The crown/church counts as two passed hoops. A player can receive a maximum of two extra strokes per turn.

Should the ball stay in a hoop, the player needs to hit it back the next turn and at the turn following that try to clear the hoop.

If a player hits an opponent’s ball, he may place his ball against the opponent’s to knock away the opponent’s ball. It is not allowed to put your foot on your own ball when knocking away another.

When all hoops are passed in the correct order (back and forth through all ten hoops), the player must hit his ball over half the length of the course (not through the hoops). If this fails, the player must strike back his ball and try again when it is his turn.

After passing half the plan, the player becomes a “free agent”, which means it will try to knock all players who have passed the third arc. Once this is done, the player needs to hit the starting /finishing stake. If the stake is missed twice, the player must restart the process of crashing all opponents’ balls.

If the ball ends up off-court or hits the finishing stake before the opponent’s balls have been knocked crooked, the player’s ball is considered “dead”, and their game has to be restarted from the beginning.

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