En basketboll


Dribble, pass, or score in the basket. Can you make a 3-pointer?


Basketball is usually played with five players per team on the court. Positions in basketball are guard, center, and forward, corresponding to fullback, midfielder, and attacking player.

A player with ball control is entitled to dribble. When the ball is touched with both hands after a dribble, it is counted as completed. Once completed, new dribbling can't be started. 

When a player has finished his dribbling, he has the right to rotate around one foot. The foot that is kept stationary is counted as the rotating foot. Around it, the player has the right to spin indefinitely. If the player takes a step with the rotating foot, a step error is awarded. In connection with a pass or shot, however, it may be permissible to lift the foot off the floor, provided that it’s not lowered again.

If a team takes too long to reach the end, the ball goes over to the opponents.

If the ball is put in the opponent's basket from inside the basket area, 2 points are awarded. For distance shots (6.75 m away or longer) 3 points are awarded.

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